Monday, June 21, 2010

Six Months Old--fun, fun, fun

Crosby is now a half a year old! Where did the last 6 months go? I am loving this age with his budding personality, and he is not crawling around, tearing the house apart yet. Crosby is creeping on his belly. He pushes himself backwards and gets so frustrated when he leaves his toys behind. He is now even doing push ups where he lifts himself up on his hands and toes, usually in frustration. Forward motion will be so exciting. :)

We are getting settled in our new home, and Crosby is enjoying having a nursery again and sleeping in a real crib--he slept in his pack and play for 3 months during our transition. I started him on cereal when he turned 6 months, and I wish I could say that he loves it...but he doesn't. I'm just trying to be patient and persistent with feeding him cereal once a day. We started on rice cereal and have switched to baby oatmeal, and now I'm warming it. He just purses his lips together when he sees the spoon coming, unless we can get him to smile and slip the spoon in his mouth when he's not looking. :) Here is a picture from the first day that we fed him rice cereal. The looks on his face when he eats are hilarious.

Crosby may not like cereal YET, but he LOVES swimming. Here are a couple of pictures from the first time we took him to our friends' pool a couple of weeks ago. He and Chris were so cute in their matching sunglasses. Crosby loves being outside, but with the temps in the upper 90's the past few weeks, we have had to stay indoors a lot--not fun when he gets fussy. We take Crosby for a walk every evening before bed, and he loves to lay back and "chillax" in his stroller.

A Great First Father's Day

I have had a great first Father's Day.

Tara and Crosby brought me a hot cup of french press coffee and some breakfast bars on a platter (I'm not a big breakfast guy) as I was getting ready for church. After church we watched some of the Brazil vs. Ivory Coast World Cup match via Univision's website since KATV completely failed us buy opting to show a crappy infomercial instead of the World Cup for the second weekend in a row. We got to skype with Josh and Rachael. It was really good to get to see them as we talked.

We went swimming at our friend's the Patterson's house later in the afternoon and had a lot of fun. Squirt discovered how to splash the water. Never mind the fact that he was splashing it right into his own face...he didn't seem to care.

My Father's day present is coming from our friend Steve in Cupertino, CA. He says that it should show up at my house on Thursday. I'm just a little excited about it. Tara and Crosby hit a home run with this present!

It was a great first Father's Day. Thanks to Tara and Crosby for a special day.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I have an issue with Crosby. ;) He has caused me to waste some precious time this morning searching for some of my old (high school days) CDs. Mainly my old favorite Cowboy Mouth from south Louisiana. You see Cowboy Mouth has a song titled Laughable. I could not help but hear that song in my head as I watched this video that Tara shot of Crosby laughing as he played with Dozzie the other day. The title of the song is about the extent of the connection between this video and the Cowboy Mouth song about dealing with the loss of a lover.

None-the-less now I'm craving a shrimp po-boy from Check-in Check-out and Cowboy Mouth.

Thanks for granting me a diatribe, now enjoy this video with pure joy coming from the mouth of my son. In case you didn't figure it out... I got over my 'issue' with Squirt in about 2 seconds.