Friday, August 20, 2010

1st Baseball Game and Little Laundry Helper

Last week we took Crosby to his first baseball game. Well, we never actually sat in our seats, but we were there, none the less. Ouachita had alumni and friends night at an Arkansas Travelers game, so we went before the game for hamburgers, hot dogs and socializing. It was our first time in the new Dickey-Stephens Park, and we got to see some college friends and some of the wonderful people that Chris worked with at OBU. It was so hot that we decided to leave before actually making our way to our seats so that Crosby could cool down and go to bed...but not before we got a family picture to prove that we were there. :)

The other day I was folding Crosby's laundry when he decided to "help" out. He came over to the basket and proceeded to flip it over and chew on a few of the articles he found. The basket proved to be much more fun than its contents. I thought this sequence of pictures was too cute not to share. He's definitely getting into everything and loves to explore with his new found mobility. The final 2 pictures are of Crosby's new favorite chew toy, the wool rug in our living room. Yuck! I mean, we used to sterilize his pacifier each time it hit the floor, and now he eats the floor!!! I've given up trying to keep the rug out of his mouth. Hopefully he'll move on to a new, cleaner, favorite chew toy real soon.


Yum, yum!

"What, Mom?! I don't see anything wrong with eating the rug."

Monday, August 9, 2010

Army Crawling Crosby

Crosby is getting really close to actually crawling. This is a video of him doing his army crawl that Tara took last week. Enjoy...I'm going to go start baby proofing a house.

Happy 8 Months, Crosby!

Today is Crosby's 8 month birthday. It is unbelievable how fast babies grow and change and develop! The biggest change with Crosby is his new found mobility. Call it army crawling, or creeping, or wallering...whatever it is that he is doing, he can really cover some ground, and I think he will be crawling really soon. It's past time to baby proof! Ahhh!

Chris just returned from a week of teaching at the annual Bible Institute in Rivas, Nicaragua. The Institute went so well, and Chris was encouraged by how much the Nica pastors and church leaders seemed to soak up all of the material and were eager to share it with their churches. Crosby and I went to Dumas to stay with my parents for the week, which was such a blessing! We had a great time with Lolly & Pop, and Crosby is thoroughly spoiled now, as he should be. :) Crosby was sooo glad to see his daddy at the airport (see pic to the left) when he returned on Saturday, which was also our 6 year anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Sweetie! I love being married to you!

There are so many fun pictures of Crosby from this summer that I thought I would just try to put a bunch of them on this post. Enjoy!

Crosby loves it when Daddy throws him up in the air...
here is a great grin on the way down.

Crosby riding on the baby fire engine while visiting Cathy one afternoon.

Swimming in Lake Norfork...Crosby is such a water baby!

We visited our friends, Clint & Sara Recktenwald back in June,
and here we are riding in a boat on Lake Norfork.

My parents' house got visited by the Methodist Youth group's
flock of pink flamingos while we were visiting on the 4th of July.
I started that fundraiser 10 yrs. ago when I was a summer youth
director. It was great to see the flamingos still flying strong. :)

Swimming at the pool in Dumas

Ready in his Sunday best to go hear daddy preach at my parents' church.

Crosby and his good buddy Nathaniel back in Arkadelphia.

Our sweet church threw us a "Pounding," and Crosby
played in an exersaucer in the middle of everyone.

Daddy and Crosby reading Crosby's Bible before bed.

Mommy & me having fun on the floor!

Grinning with Pop

It was so hot during last week's visit at Lolly & Pop's.
We had fun cooling off in a little pool in the backyard while Pop grilled.

Lolly feeding Crosby in mommy's old high chair.

I love my farm toy that Dozzie gave me!

Such a good little sitter these days

Leaving for our 6th Anniversary date...
thanks so much for babysitting, Lolly!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Little Sweet Potato

I am happy to report that Crosby is now eating solid foods (or at least mushy baby foods)! It has been frustrating for the past month and a half to try to get Crosby to eat baby food from a spoon. First I tried rice cereal, then warm rice cereal, then oatmeal, then apples, pears, and bananas, but Crosby remained tight-lipped every time that spoon approached! He was like a locked vault. Finally, last week I decided to give sweet potatoes a try, but thought why would Crosby go for sweet potatoes when he didn't like the sweet fruits? Well, I almost cried when that cute little mouth opened up for MORE after that first bite! Yay!!! He's so messy and likes to put his fingers in his mouth right after each bite. He's also enjoyed eating prunes mixed with cereal (which helps his little digestive system adjust to all of these new solid foods).