Thursday, August 27, 2015

Big News...

Big News.... ALL THE ENVELOPES ARE GONE and Hannah Ruth is schedule to be delivered via C-Section on September 8!!!
We cannot say thank you enough to everyone that has given, prayed, 'shared', 'liked', and been an encouragement with our adoption fundraising. As long as everyone that took an envelepe gets the money in and there are no last minute financial surprises our adoption fundraising is complete!!! THANK YOU!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The difference 2 letters make

If Christians are going to call for the end of Abortion, then we must also be ready to lead the way in Adoption. "It's amazing how much of a difference, two little letters make!" 

For a free book challenging towards this move, check this out:

One of Russell Moore's other books is Adopted for Life. It is the best book that I have read in the last 12 months.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adopt an Envelope - Kear Adoption Fundraiser

Only 38 days until Hannah Ruth arrives! And that is assuming she doesn't embrace the Kear baby nature to show up a little early. Y'all have been amazingly supportive. We need your help in the last few weeks to finish up our fundraising and be ready to bring Hannah Ruth home. The total cost of this adoption is around $37,000. If you haven't read the story of our adoption and what God has been doing check it out here:

We have numbered 180 virtual envelopes. Our hope is that all 180 envelopes will be "adopted" by you, a friend, group, church or business. Once you have selected an envelope you are committing to donate the corresponding dollar amount. Envelope #1=$1, #2=$2 and so on. The highest number is 180 so the most anyone would commit to is $180. If you just feel crazy generous and want to give more than $180, you are more than welcome to take multiple envelopes.

If the amount you want to donate is already taken, then use multiple envelopes to equal the amount. (i.e. If you would like to donate $140 and #140 is gone, then you could do #80 and #60.)  If all envelopes are adopted we will raise $16,290 to finish out our adoption expenses!
  • Step 1: Pick your number(s) 
  • Step 2: Go to and make a corresponding donation which will be tax deductible, or you can just give directly to the Kear family and we'll put it in the jar. 
  • Step 3: Comment on our blog or Facebook event to let us know which envelope(s) you or your group adopted so that we can mark them off of our chart and keep track of our progress.
We're almost there! Thanks of helping us spread the word and finish strong!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Garage Sale Thank You

THANK YOU to everyone who donated stuff, hauled stuff, organized, sold lemonade and bracelets, cleaned up, spread the word and told their friends and who prayed! The sale was a HUGE success. God is so good and he has given us some amazing community. 
We raised over $7,000 in the garage sale this week! That will cover 20% of the total cost of the adoption. That is amazing! 
Especially thanks to Marcee Watkins and her amazing boys Adlee and Sam, Jennifer and Brad Rusher and their sweet kiddos, Roslyn Kear, Tina Falkner, Colleen Joslin, Casey Thurow, Jared Joslin, Charles Summers, Rachael & Josh Kear, Jenna Warren, Blake Phillips, Rick Kear, Zion Kear, The Johnsons, The Hammers, The Goldbergs, Bailey Nobles Smith, Greg Nobles, Travis & Jordan Mays, Brian Roach, Scot Wanamaker.
Thank You

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Adoption Fundraiser Yard Sale

It's time for our first adoption fundraiser event, and we sure could use your help!

We are having a BIG indoor yard sale on Friday, July 24 (7am - 2pm), and Saturday, July 25th (7am - noon).

We are thrilled that it will be located in downtown Conway at The Venue (1069 Markham St., across from Larry's Pizza), so it will be indoors and COOL! Thank you so much to Greg Nobles for graciously offering us his facility for our sale! This will be the first yard sale that Chris and I have done (except for a little one when we were first married), but we know that for this to be successful, we need to have a ridiculous amount of stuff and some sweet friends and family to help us run it.

Here are the 4 main ways that we are needing help to pull this off:

  1. We need stuff! Please let us know if you have anything you would like to donate to our sale. We are taking everything from clothes, to household goods, to furniture, to baby gear and toys. You can either drop stuff off at our house, or we would be happy to come pick it up from your house sometime before Thursday, July 23. We will have access to a moving truck all week leading up to the sale, so nothing is too big for us to come haul off for you! If you do not have our phone numbers, contact us via email: or
  2. We need help sorting and pricing before the sale, as well as a few people to help during the sale. 
  3. Please stop by on the July 24th and 25th and shop! We'll make you a good deal and it would be so encouraging to see your smiling faces. 
  4. Spread the word!!! Tell your family, friends, and co-workers about our indoor yard sale.
I will hopefully be posting pictures of a few of the fun items we will be selling as we get them in case anyone wants to pre-shop. We have been blown away by the amazing support and response we have gotten since making our adoption story "official" yesterday. I cannot express how much we love you guys and appreciate your prayers for our little family. 

Here's a picture of the madness that is currently Crosby's room 
as we are going through his toys and finding ones for the sale. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why Abba Adoptions

Since our first meeting with Kandi Cox (the owner and founder of Abba Adoptions) we have been really impressed with Abba's amazing pro-life ministry. It is so much more than an adoption agency, it is a pro-life ministry. We believe that in working with Abba for our adoption we are doing more than paying for the expense of an adoption, we are investing in and funding a pro-life ministry so that they will be there when the next girl walks in their doors scared and alone.

You cannot be pro-life and not be pro-adoption.

Here is a video of Kandi speaking on the sidewalk of the only abortion clinic in Arkansas (which happens to be located in West Little Rock right behind the Butcher Shop restaurant, ironically enough). Listen to Kandi's story and check out more about Abba Adoptions at