Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reflections of God's Provision One Year Ago

Today marks the one year anniversary of when I went into pre-term labor with Crosby and began my 3 weeks of what we like to call "Camp Crosby" in the hospital. I have been reflecting on the events that occurred one year ago and am floored by how obviously the Lord guided my steps and protected Crosby and me that day. I had no clue that I was even having contractions, so it was a miracle that I ended up exactly where Crosby needed to be, the antenatal unit at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. Here's what I remember of the events that led me to the hospital (sorry that this is so long):

Sunday (2 days before), I had some discomfort in my lower abdomen during church and during a service project that our community group did that afternoon. It was nothing too alarming, I just felt the need to lie down after church and sit for most of the service project. On Monday, I worked a long, hard day (as a home health O.T.) seeing a lot of patients as far away as Camden, and then Chris and I made a mad dash to Little Rock for our final child birthing class that evening (just in time, huh?!) It was a late night, and I remember having to stay up past midnight finishing up all of my documentation from work.

On Tuesday, Nov. 17th, I was off work and had a lazy morning getting ready to head to my 33 week OB checkup with Dr. Wiedower in LR. (Is it crazy that I can even remember what outfit I wore? haha) At this point in my pregnancy, Crosby was VERY active, but I noticed that he was not moving as much that morning as I got ready. I had a little bit of a funny feeling (must have been my first experience of mother's intuition), so I remember lying down after blow drying my hair to see if I could feel him kick...not much movement. But, I still wasn't overly concerned--he was probably just sleeping or something. Chris made the hour long trip to LR for most of my appointments, but he was not able to go this time because he had a meeting at work that afternoon. So, I headed up to LR and talked to my best friend, Abigail, on my way. I told her that I had not felt Crosby moving as much today, and she was adamant that I not worry about sounding silly, but to trust my instincts and tell my doctor at my appt. So I did.

When I told Dr. W., she said that it would be no problem to hook me up to the monitors to check on things. As I lay flat on my back with the 2 straps around my belly (which became all too familiar during the next 3 weeks), I felt my belly moving around, and I thought, okay, things are fine because he's moving around now. Dr. Wiedower came in to check the print out on the machine and said, you're having some contractions, and I said, "I am?" She said, "Yeah, Braxton Hicks." I thought that was cool. She was a little concerned about a small deceleration in Crosby's heart rate for a few seconds, but said that it was probably nothing...just him rolling over the umbilical cord or something. She told me to not be worried, but she wanted to send me over to labor and delivery for some more monitoring (the same thing, just for about an hour) to make sure that there were no more decelerations. I was trying to not freak out as I made the short trek from her office to the hospital. I did well until I had to talk to Chris and my mom on the phone, and my voice quivered pretty bad despite all of my efforts to sound calm.

When I got to L & D, I signed in, and a sweet nurse, LeAnn, got me set up in one of the antenatal rooms on the machine with the 2 straps. (Little did I know, I would not be able to leave that room for 3 weeks!) We chatted lightheartedly as she got me all hooked up and the monitor started taking readings. I asked her how long this would take, and she said probably just an hour, and if they saw no red flags, I could go on home. I called Chris, and he had left work already and was heading up to LR. We decided it would be best if he just started the drive, and then I could always call him and tell him to turn around if everything was okay and they were sending me home.

LeAnn was watching the readings on the computer screen and said, "Man, you're contracting." Again, I said, "I am?" I kid you not, I felt no pain, just some tightening that felt like he was moving around! She said that the baby's heart rate looked great, but called Dr. W about the contractions. Dr. W told her to check me, and I will never forget the look on LeAnn's face when she did and said, "Oh my gosh, you're 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced!" I said, "What?!" Then quickly, "Do I get to go home tonight?" LeAnn said, "Sweetie, I am so sorry, but you won't get to go home until this baby comes." Shock is not a strong enough word for what I was going through at that moment. Crosby was not due for 2 more months...the nursery was no where near completed, and Chris had just started demolishing our master bathroom 2 nights ago. Our master bath toilet was sitting in the hallway, just outside of the nursery!!! I called Chris and told him the crazy and scary news, and he said that he almost ran off the road as he was getting onto 430 in LR. He didn't tell me until later, but he drove the entire way from Arkadelphia with the gas warning light on in his truck.

Dr. Wiedower showed up soon after Chris arrived and was just as shocked as I was. She said that if I had really protested about having to go to the hospital for more monitoring, she would have probably let me go on back to Arkadelphia because she was not worried! She began giving orders for drugs I had never heard of (Mag and Brethane), but that the nurses told me they were sorry I would have to be on, and the rest of that evening was a blur. All of this excitement was happening during shift change, and sweet LeAnn stayed an extra hour to make sure I got properly hooked up to my IV for the Mag and other drugs. Just the beginning of some great nursing care. I told my mother to not worry, but she could not stand it. She and my dad drove up that night to be with us in the hospital.

The next 3 weeks were ones I will never forget. Through it all, the biggest praise was that Crosby's heart rate looked fabulous during all of the monitoring sessions (twice a day), and he was very active. The medications and bed rest worked, and we were able to let Crosby cook for 3 more critical weeks. When he finally did arrive on December 9th (at 36 weeks), he did not have to spend one minute in the NICU, praise the Lord!

The entire day of Nov. 17, 2009, I will always remember how I felt that God was holding my hand and guiding my steps to that safe room in the Baptist Antenatal unit where Crosby and I could get the timely care we needed. I think of all of the other, worse scenerios...what if I had headed back to Arkadelphia after my OB appt and ended up having Crosby there and him having to be med-flighted up to the NICU in LR? What if I had gone into pre-term labor while seeing patients 2 hrs away in Camden the day before? I had no clue what was happening that day, but God knew exactly what was going on and orchestrated every event. Thank you, Lord, for your provision! Thank you, Lord, for my sweet, healthy baby boy. Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful doctors and nurses who cared for us during our long hospital stay. And thank you, Lord, for my wonderful husband, who was the most amazing support for me through it all.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dozzie and Crosby playing

We have enjoyed Dozzie and Grandpa Kear's visit this week. Here is a short clip of Crosby and Dozzie having a good time.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crosby's 1st Halloween

Crosby was an OBU Tiger for his first Halloween. On Saturday, the 30th, we went as a family to help out with our church's Fall Festival at Conway's Housing Authority. Those kids had a blast with the games and food at the festival. Crosby did great and was passed from one favorite person to another (Melissa, Ethan, Jamika, & Cathy) while mom and dad helped with the games. Sunday afternoon, Lolly and Pop drove up from Dumas with Crosby's cousin, Danner, to play and go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. The Tiger (Crosby) and the Rock Star (Danner) were too cute riding together in the wagon to go get some candy that neither of them can really eat. (Danner could eat a dum dum sucker, but the couple of pieces that Crosby got were recycled into our own candy bowl to be passed out to kids later that night) It was a little too hot for the Tiger costume, but with a few breaks to cool off, Crosby did great! We stopped by Superman's (Andrew's) house on our way back home so Crosby could get a picture with his play date buddy. It was really a "treat" to get to see my parents and Danner on Halloween, and the cousins played so well together. Danner is going to be a GREAT big brother come May!

Lolly and the Rock Star

Say cheese!

A happy Tiger, despite the hot costume

Cousins had so much fun riding in the 2-seater wagon.

Ashley & Superman (Andrew), Tara & Tiger (Crosby)

"Cool ears, Crosby!"

Happy 1st Halloween, Crosby! We love our little Tiger.