Saturday, March 27, 2010

Squicky Squirt

Crosby, or Squirt as I call him 50% of the time, has a little bit of a sore throat right now and isn't feeling top notch. It is nothing serious just a little virus causing a sore throat. When he tries to coo or cry he sounds both pitiful and hilarious at the same time as you will see in the video below.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Smiling and Cooing

I cannot believe that our little Crosby is 12 weeks old today! He is now officially melting his parents' hearts through lots of smiles and cooing. We think he would make great seal and whale sound effects for a cartoon. We've been able to capture that precious smile in a few pictures, but not nearly enough. I tried to attach a video of him smiling, but it would not work. Hopefully, I can figure that out and post it soon. Enjoy these pictures from the past few weeks.

Wow, look at my airplane mobile!

Chris and Crosby celebrating the Saints' Super Bowl win!

Crosby and his friend, Benjamin, are making their parents proud in their Saints onesies.