Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 2011

It's been a fun, HOT, June around here. And once again, I'm way behind on blogging. Sorry for the very long, fit everything in for the whole month post again. :) I hope you enjoy some of our latest adventures via pictures...

Crosby enjoyed a swim date with Jules at the Sonshine pool.

Double Toss

Chris captured this priceless moment...I love that sweet boy.

Chris' Uncle Bob stopped through Conway for a quick visit a few weeks ago, and we had a great visit. Here we are after breakfast at Stoby's.

Chris surprised me the night before my 30th birthday with a night away at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock. He was so sneaky and even packed my bag for me...very impressive. :) Here we are riding the trolley across the AR River to eat dinner in North Little Rock.

They sang to me and graced me with this lovely hat at Benihana's.

We went to dinner with our parents at Michaelangelo's in Conway on my birthday.
Thank you, grandparents, for watching Crosby so we could have a night away!

Crosby helped me blow out the candle.

After dinner, we heard music and found a live band playing at the downtown stage. Crosby was all about the fountain. It was all we could do to keep him from climbing in.

It was a very happy birthday with my sweet family. Thanks guys!

Crosby and Daddy lounging in our backyard pool. He had to warm up to being in the pool after he took a nose dive right after getting in. It's much safer sitting on Daddy's lap.

Crosby is such a good sport about wearing his sun hat and sun glasses whenever we go outside. I'm a nazi about protecting that sweet, very fair baby skin.

Getting brave!

Mommy's wearing a hat, too. :)

I'm so glad I was able to capture this pose. This is how Crosby has started carrying around his "Taggie" that he sleeps with. It is the funniest thing to see him walk around with one arm raised. Gotta have that soft fuzzy side against his cheek. :)

Waiting with Taggie for Daddy to get his morning milk.

Crosby woke up on the wrong side of his crib one afternoon. To brighten up his mood, I took him with me to check the mail, so we both wore out sunglasses. Crosby pitched a big fit when I tried to take them off once we got back inside, so he ended up wearing them around the house for about an hour. He was probably wandering why it was so dark inside.

Silly boy

Andrew came over for a playdate in our backyard pool. These pictures are of the boys taking a break from the water to play on the slides.


Now Crosby's turn.

Crosby is such a big help on laundry days. Here he's emptying our hamper into the laundry basket. He'll push the basket to the laundry room and help me throw clothes into the washer or dryer, too. A lot of times he'll identify whose shirt or pants he sees by saying, "Daddy's" or "Mommy's." How does he remember our clothes?!

Having fun trying on Mama's cold weather ear warmer. He's really starting to interact with himself in the mirror...it's hilarious.

My sweet mom had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago. Crosby and I made a couple of trips to LR to visit her in the hospital. When we arrived, Crosby loaned Lolly his boo boo cream (Neosporin) for her boo boo on her knee. Here he's handing it to her.

Crosby loves his Pop.

Pop and Crosby went for several walks around the hospital.

I think we were able to brighten her day a little.

Trying to keep Crosby occupied at McAlister's while we waited to meet Daddy for lunch.
He's sooo busy these days!

Here's picture of our 2nd visit to Lolly's hospital room. Crosby George has a lot in common with his friend Curious George, doesn't he? Such a little monkey.

For Father's Day weekend, Chris and I took Crosby to Wonder Place in Little Rock. Crosby had a blast. When we left, we commented that we have never seen him so quiet...he must not have said 2 words as he ran from one fun station to the next. Our little chatter box was a little overwhelmed, I think. :)

The sand table was his favorite.

The water table was fun, too. Thank goodness for the waterproof smocks!

Using the cash register at the "River Market."

Chris' brother, Josh, and his family (Rachael, Zion (5) & Glenn (2)) visited Dozzie and Grandpa's house for Father's Day weekend. It was great to see them, and Crosby had so much fun playing with his cousins.

Saturday afternoon was spent in their fun back yard.

All 6 Kear boys.
(when Zion arrived and saw the fun jungle gym in their backyard, he told Dozzie, "Your back yard is like an amusement park!!!" too cute.)

Glenn and Rachael

Love this pic of the boys in the sandbox.

Who needs toys when you can have so much fun with rocks?!

The icy water table.

I think he's a fan of ICE!

Bubbles, too, of course.

Dozzie got the coolest new umbrella, and it worked great!

Family pic after church on Sunday.

Happy Father's Day, Chris, you're the best Daddy ever!

Grandpa and his boys.

Crosby gave Daddy a brick with his hand and foot prints.

Crosby loves his Daddy.
(Their thing these days is to yell "Love you!" or "wuv ooo" and point at each other...precious)

Crosby and I made a trip down to Dumas to visit Lolly as she's recovering from surgery. Sage, Danner & Dawson came over one afternoon, and it was so fun to see them. Here Lolly is in her happy place holding Dawson. That lady was made to hold babies. :)

Sage and Danner

Pop using his new grill.

Crosby and Danner had fun in Lolly & Pop's pool.

We had spaghetti for supper one night, and this was Crosby's new look afterwards.

So proud of his mess.

Chris and James were the sweetest hubbies and let Amy and I have a Mom's night away in Little Rock last weekend. We met up for some shopping, yummy dinner at YaYa's, dessert at Cold Stone, and then a morning by the hotel pool. It was just what we both needed. We'll definitely have to do this again very soon!