Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011

Here are some pictures from this past month:

Wooooo Pig Soooie!

We watched the (sad) Sugar Bowl with our friends the Marshes and the Corbitts.
Here are our 3 little hog fans: Austin, Crosby, and Jules.

Dozzie and Grandpa came up for a quick visit, and we got to have our Christmas with them.

Crosby and I were snuggled up looking for snow in the back yard. The weather radar was showing that we were supposed to be getting snow...where is it?! :)

And it finally arrived!

After we brought Crosby in from playing in the snow he had fun eating
the little nuggets of snow that came off our shoes.

Crosby LOVED playing in the white stuff...he cried every time we would go back inside.

All was good until the face plant.

Going North. His favorite thing to do was to walk down our street,
but only in this one direction.

Whenever Chris lifts Crosby up, he always looks up and arches his back.
We call him Dolphin boy.

Playing drums in the dishwasher

All of this cold weather has kept us cooped up indoors too much! This afternoon a bowl and an assortment of spoons saved the day. Crosby had a blast "cooking."

I love those big blue eyes!

Chris got up with Crosby every morning for a week to help with the weaning process...they didn't stay awake long this morning. Such a sweet scene to wake up to.

Oakley Thomas Recktenwald arrived on January 14th! We made a trip up to meet the little cutie. You really forget how tiny these little guys are when they first arrive! He was so precious.

Crosby is really into playing with hats these days.
He also enjoys finding treasures in the drawers in mommy and daddy's bathroom.

Crosby loved the pasta and messy spaghetti sauce!

Thanks to the iphone 4, it is so easy to "Facetime" with Dozzie!

On Chris' birthday, we were able to meet up with our good friends the Taylors, from Arkadelphia, for dinner in Little Rock. Crosby had fun catching up with his buddy Benjamin.

A classic Crosby face that he makes when he says "what the puppy says."
(a high pitched arf, arf!)

This past weekend, we had the most amazing warm and sunny weather,
so we headed over to Cadron Settlement Park for a family hike.

I woke up from a nap Saturday morning to find Chris and Crosby in the front yard tinkering on Chris' mountain bike. I laughed so hard at Crosby's "outfit" and had to take some pictures of him in his striped sleeper, his shoe-socks (as we call them), his ball cap & pacifier. Surely anyone who drove by and saw him knew that Daddy was responsible for this outfit.

Daddy and Crosby tried out the bike trailer at Tucker Creek Trail, and Crosby loved it! They met Lance Oden, who also pulled his 2 boys in their bike trailer. I have a feeling this will become a regular Daddy/Crosby adventure.

Crosby loved being outside in this amazing weather so much that he cried every time we brought him inside. So, we decided to have snack time on the drive way while we watched Daddy work in the garage. Okay, now we're spoiled by our one weekend of 75 degree weather.
Sure hope that ground hog doesn't see his shadow!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

December 2010

This post is so overdue, I was almost too overwhelmed to start. I guess after Crosby turned 1, and Chris gave me a book of the blog for Christmas that covered every post from pregnancy through Crosby's first birthday, I've just been enjoying a little vacation from blogging. (The book turned out great, by the way, and if you are a blogger, I highly recommend you get a book(s) of your blog!) Instead of doing a lot of writing on this catch-up post, I thought I would just post some pictures (ok, there are a lot!) from December, including some of the highlights from our fun Christmas in Dumas. Enjoy...

Happy boy on his new Smart Trike

I helped throw a baby shower for my dear friend, Sara, and her little boy, Oakley, due Feb. 5th.

There was a great turn out of some good friends from our Ouachita days.

Chris, "Uncle" Clint, and George kept Crosby while we were at the shower.

Lolly and Crosby playing with ornaments on her Christmas tree.

Crosby is so excited to have ornaments within reach on Lolly & Pop's tree...our tree at home was only decorated on the top half and was secured to the wall. :)

Rob and Wilson

The musical airplane that went off every time you clapped or made a loud noise was a huge hit!

Crosby and Wilson looking out the front door.

Daddy's Little Helper got his very own tool box for Christmas.

Danner got a 4-wheeler!

Watch out younger cousins...Danner's coming through!

Crosby did not want to wear the cute antlers like everyone else.

Chris and Sage

A Slinky!

Rob, Yung & Wilson

Rub-a-dub-dub, 3 boys in a tub

3 Little One Year Olds: Danner (22 mths), Wilson (14 mths), & Crosby (12 mths)

Wow, Dad, my very own cell phone?!


Thanks, Lolly & Pop, for my new fire truck!

After Christmas our good friends, Molly & Patrick Westerman, and their 2 precious
boys, Davis and Will, stopped by for a visit. Molly & Patrick were our best friends
when we lived in Conway before, and we so wish they still lived here!