Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Time Fun, Family & Teeth!

Crosby is now 7 months old, and I really am amazed at how much he changes from one week to the next! Our biggest milestone in the past few weeks has been that he cut his first two teeth! It wasn't terrible, just several days of a very whiny, fussy baby. We LOVE teething tablets, Tylenol, and Motrin! :) He actually cut his first tooth while we were up in Gassville, AR, visiting our great friends, Clint and Sara Recktenwald (who I'm pleased to announce are newly expecting their first baby in February! Yay!). I was actually very surprised and relieved when I felt his bottom gum and felt that little sharp point coming through. I had been really frustrated that Crosby was acting so fussy at our friends' house. If I had only known--teething!!! Well, we immediately starting giving him "feel good" stuff, and we had a much happier baby after that. Crosby cut his second tooth the next week while we were visiting my family down in Dumas.

My older brother, Rob, just returned from serving in Iraq for a year, and we were able to get together with he, his wife, Yung, his son, Wilson, as well as see my other brother, Chris, his wife, Sage, and their son, Danner. It was a great 4th of July to be able to celebrate Rob's safe return. Thank you for your service and for your huge sacrifices this past year, Rob & Yung. I cannot even imagine. Wilson loves his Daddy and is so glad to have him home.
Here are some recent pictures of our little man...I hope you enjoy!

My family from left to right: Pops, Rob, Yung, Wilson,
Chris L., Sage, Danner, Chris K., me, Crosby, & Lolly

Crosby & Lolly

Family Picture

Mommies & Baby Boys

Crosby in his Baby Einstein activity center...gotta love that smile!

My hilarious attempt to take a picture of Crosby's 1st two teeth...
he hates for me to stick my finger in his mouth and was trying to pull my hand away.

Bath time fun!

Crosby and his girlfriend, Sydney Greer, posing with their daddies.
This will be a great picture for their rehearsal dinner slide show. :)