Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rollie Pollie

Crosby rolled over for the first time on his own last Friday, and he did it a few random times over the weekend. Yesterday afternoon, he mastered the skill and started rolling over and over during tummy time. I was able to set the flip camera up on its little tripod and record him in action. I hope you enjoy the video. (I really wanted to get him to smile at the end, but I think he was too intrigued by the video camera.) Now, how do I keep him on his stomach for tummy time?! haha.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy 4 Months, Crosby!

Crosby is now 4 months old, and he is so much fun. I am happy to report that he got over his sore throat, and after stopping cooing for about a week, he is back to his talkative self again. :) The best feeling in the world is when he sees you and smiles so big that his nose crinkles! Crosby's latest, and by far best, milestone to master is sleeping through the night! He was a very quick learner, and we only had to endure one long night of sleep training before he slept through the night. Also, he is getting so much better at pushing up on his forearms and hands during tummy time, and I know that he will be rolling over real soon (we practice rolling over every day). He still hates tummy time, but it works, and he's getting so much stronger. A funny trait that Chris seems to have passed on to our poor son is a sneeze reflex whenever the sun hits his eyes. It is the funniest thing, and a guarantee that Crosby will sneeze when we go outside if he is not in the shade.

God is good, and we have closed on the sell of our home in Arkadelphia! We are still staying in a garage apartment that belongs to a wonderful couple in our church, but it looks like we may be moving into a great little home in about a month, assuming all goes smoothly until we close. The Lees have been such a blessing to us with their hospitality and generosity, and we truly will miss them when this season is over and we move out. We eat dinner with them almost every night, and Crosby has really enjoyed being able to get out and enjoy this amazing springtime weather on their beautiful property. I pray that we will have their same spirit of hospitality when we get settled into a home of our own.

Here are some pictures of Crosby's first Easter and some others we've taken since the last blog post. Notice Chris and Crosby's sun induced sneezing that we were able to capture. :) I hope you enjoy.

Easter Sunday


Achoo, too!

Crosby at the Dumas Easter Egg Hunt

Playgroup at our house in Arkadelphia: Tara & Crosby, Nancy H. & Henry, Nancy E. & Everett

Crosby likes to coo while Mommy reads to him

Bath time in his puppy towel

Cathy took this picture while we were on a walk out in their pasture.