Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 15 Months, Crosby!

Today Crosby turned 15 mths! That is really hard for me to believe. This has been a good month, but it felt like Crosby was sick for much of it. We had a string of illnesses that kept him feeling yucky and kept us cooped up in the house a lot. I guess it's just that time of year. Crosby did not eat well while he was sick, but lately he is eating like a HORSE!!! I don't know that he ever gets full. :) I'm assuming he's making up for losing a little weight during the sickness and getting ready for a big ole growth spurt! It's a good thing I shopped at Rhea Lana's Consignment sale last weekend. He's about grown out of all of his fall/winter clothes now. It's fun to watch this little guy learning new things every day and say new words. Some of his latest words are "out" (when he goes to the door wanting to go outside), "bubble," "bottle" (referring to mama's water bottle, of course...he wouldn't take a bottle!), "baby," and "cheese." Here are some pictures from this past month:

Crosby is really into wearing hats these days. Whenever he sees a hat, he touches his head. Here he is proud to be wearing Grandpa's hat. Notice you can see some of those new little top teeth in this picture.

Playing with daddy's hat and mommy's scarf.
If I pull the scarf along the floor, he makes a snake hissing noise.

Cousin Danner's 2nd Birthday Party
The theme was trains, and Sage did such a great job making his 2-tiered train cake!

Crosby is still obsessed with puppies, and it made his day to meet this tiny little chihuahua.

Our new child-proof gate for our fireplace. We've been really happy with it.

Conway got another good snow, but Crosby was sick and unable to play in it. We did get out of the house for a quick trip in Daddy's 4x4.

I love this picture of Crosby in Lolly's & Pop's back yard.
There is a sunbeam that seems to be shining down on his head. :)

Practicing his tee ball skills.

Crosby and I had so much fun strolling at the walking trail with 2 of the other moms and babies from our community group. We've found that the trail is a great place for Crosby to dog watch.
From left to right: Crosby - 14 mths, Julianna (Jules) - 5 mths, Logan - 7 mths.

Our first experience making "goop" from cornstarch and water. It had the craziest consistency!

Working on his talking animal puzzle.

Crosby's hair is getting longer, and more curly in the back. This day he walked around with the funniest single rooster tail curl in the back of his head. We were trying to get a side profile picture of it.

Crosby loves it when his buddy Kristin comes to visit!

Drawing in his high chair.

Our budding artist is so proud of himself.

Daddy made Crosby the coolest tunnel/fort out of a couple of boxes, complete with doors and windows. It has been fun to have around the past few weeks.

After I got Crosby out of his crib this morning, he went straight over to this red bandanna and proceeded to put it on his head and walk around the house wearing it. Too funny!

After Crosby and Andrew were both sick for much of February, they finally got well and were able to have a play date. Last week Andrew and Ashley came to our house, and the boys had a blast exploring in the back yard. It was so hot that we had to get the boys sun hats, water, and Crosby required sunscreen. I have a feeling these boys will be doing much more of this in the coming months.

Andrew flying high!

The boys had more fun with the bubbles!

Crosby trying to blow. :)