Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Adventures of Snow Puppy

Our good friends in northern Arkansas are going on 9 + inches of snow. Down here in Arkadelphia I think we got 0.5 inches. Some might call it a dusting. None the less, when it is your son's first snow you have to take pictures. We went out after the first AM feeding to capture the event on film, well memory card but that doesn't sound as nostalgic. Now mama is back in bed, rightly so, and I'm chillin with Snow Puppy.

Of course thanks to Clint, Sara, and Genuine Care Pharmacy Crosby was equipped with the right gear to go out in the cold and show us just how good life is.

Anyone see a smile?

This is the house last night.

Here is the house this morning.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 1st Month, Crosby!

This weekend marked Crosby's 1 month birthday. Last week we also celebrated 4 weeks and happy due date day. haha. I cannot believe how fast this first month has flown by, and how much Crosby has grown. He graduated to size 1 diapers yesterday, as well. Crosby still screams at most diaper changes, but we actually made it through a bath without him crying a couple of days ago...a real milestone! He is eating and sleeping really well, and he loves going places in the car seat or stroller. He is the funniest thing to watch wake up from his naps, too. Crosby is a noisy little guy, making all sorts of grunting and squeaking noises. He is so precious!

I (Tara) am enjoying being home with Crosby and watching him grow and develop each day. It is so fun to see Chris light up when he gets home from work and sees Crosby. He is such a wonderful dad already. Here are some pictures that we have taken of Crosby and friends in the past few weeks.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Crosby's first Christmas

It is amazing how much our blogging has slowed down now that we are home with an infant. We are doing well. Mainly adjusting to a whole new world, true for both Crosby and Tara and I. As we celebrated Christmas for the first time with Crosby we had a living object lesson of how crazy it was for our God to redeem his people by sending an infant. I found myself just holding my little 6 something pound son and just in awe that the Lord himself indwelt flesh in a little body just like Crosby's. We are very blessed to have Crosby healthy and home with us this holiday, but even more blessed that Christ took on flesh in the shape of a babe so that we might be redeemed and restored to fellowship with our Father.

We stayed put here on top of our hill in Arkadelphia for most of the holiday with the exception of a quick day trip to Dumas to get all three of the Loyd grandsons together at last.

Once again I think that pictures will sum it up better than my rambling...