Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 9 Months & 1st Road Trip

It has been an eventful past few weeks for our family. We finally got the courage to take Crosby on his first long road trip. We drove down to visit Chris' parents at their home in Slidell. Crosby was a such a trooper. We tried to do most of our driving at night so that Crosby could sleep better, and that seemed to work well. But he sure was ready to get out of his car seat when we got back home. While in Slidell, we had fun venturing into New Orleans for an afternoon, swimming in their pool, playing with some of Daddy & Uncle Josh's toys, and watching the Saints beat the Vikings. Dozzie got Crosby the cutest Saints sleeper for him to wear while we watched the game at their house with their good friends, the Dedeauxs and the Harrises. We had such a wonderful visit to Dozzie and Grandpa's house, and we are so excited that their home will soon be much closer. That's right, we recently found out that they will be moving to Conway! It will be such a blessing to have grandparents live so close.

While in Slidell, Crosby turned 9 months old. Happy 9 months, Sweet Boy! Crosby is growing and developing so fast. He is now a really good crawler and is enjoying exploring his environment. Just the other day, it was so funny to watch him as he discovered that he could crawl from room to room in our house. We have fun playing hide and seek behind the furniture, and he squeals with delight when he finds us! Crosby is also very good at pulling up into standing. Man, I feel like just yesterday he was rolling over for the first time...where has the time gone?! Here are some pictures from the past month or so...

Crosby can already read upside down!

Here's a picture from one of Crosby's play dates with Andrew from down the street. We get together with Andrew and his mom, Ashley, once a week so the little guys can "play" (or at least look at one another and poke each other in the eye) and us moms can enjoy some good adult conversation. Andrew is 6 weeks younger than Crosby.

We enjoyed a visit from Clint and Sara. So good to hang out with them as always.

Crosby had to wear overalls for a few days when he first started crawling to protect his sore knees. I love a baby wearing only overalls...truly an Arkansan. :)

I love playing with Daddy when he gets home from work!

Crosby loved meeting his Great Aunt Nena at Dozzie & Grandpa's house.

Lunch at Commander's Palace in New Orleans.
Chris' good friend, Ryan Couvillion, stopped by and joined us for dessert, which was amazing!

Crosby did great at such a fancy restaurant. He did not even cry when the bananas foster flamed up. Our waiter was so sweet and brought him his very own chef's hat. Watch out Emeril!

We really enjoyed Dozzie and Grandpa's pool!

Crosby's new Saints sleeper

We made a quick stop on our way through Madison, MS, to visit Chris' cousin,
Vincent, his wife, Theresa, and their precious little girl, Sydney. Crosby is
about a week older than Sydney, and the two of them were so cute playing.

"Oh boy! Look what I found, my toys' secret hiding place!"

Who needs toys when cardboard boxes are so much fun?!