Monday, May 10, 2010

A Very Special Day

Yesterday (5/9/10) was such a wonderful day. Not only was it my first Mother's Day, but it was also Crosby's baby dedication and his 5 month birthday! All 4 proud grandparents (Dozzie, Grandpa, Lolly & Pop) were able to come up for the big day, which made it that much more special.

Chris was so sweet, as usual, and woke up early to make me breakfast in bed. He even had to go down and use Cathy's kitchen since we don't have a kitchen up in the apartment. I got the sweetest cards and a wonderful new Bible. Thank you for such a special first Mother's Day, Sweetie! I am overwhelmed by the joy and blessing that it is to be a new mother.

Crosby behaved so well during the dedication (he only fussed a little during Ken's prayer), and he even fell asleep in my arms during church! It was the sweetest thing. So, I didn't take him to the nursery until he woke up toward the end of the service and made his presence known. :) There were so many boys dedicated yesterday. I think there was only one little girl and 7 boys during the 2nd service. This must have been the year for boys because it was the same way back in many of our friends had boys down there, too! Who will all of these boys marry?! haha.

After the service, we had a very long (I think the kitchen lost our order) but enjoyable lunch at Mike's Place. It made Lolly's day for Crosby to sleep almost the entire time in her arms. Of course we got a lot of great pictures of Crosby on his big day, and I hope you enjoy. Chris was a good sport and let me dress Crosby in "fancy" baby clothes for the dedication. I must say, Crosby looked absolutely precious.

One Blessed Mommy

Daddy and Crosby demonstrating their
new "trick" while we nervously watch.
Those are mommy's hands "spotting" off to the side.

Crosby's Baby Dedication

Ken gave such a special prayer

Mother's Day/Baby Dedication Lunch
From left: Grandpa, Dozzie, Lolly & Pop; Chris, Crosby & Tara

Crosby discovered his shoes, while seated on the table at Mike's Place

Daddy gets grins when taking Crosby out of his car seat.

The highlight of my first Mother's Day.
There's nothing in the world better than some cuddle time with Crosby.