Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Visitors

Last night we had a house full of family and good friends, and it was so fun. My parents met us in Hot Springs on Saturday for my cousin's wedding, then they spent the night at our house. It was great to have them be able to stay to go to church, lunch, and then hang out for a little while Sunday afternoon. My college suite mate, Kitty Osmon, and her husband, Chris, as well as their precious kids (Eli-2 yrs and Abi Jean-7 mths) also stayed with us Saturday night. It was the first time for us to meet the new little miss Abigail, and she was adorable! Eli has grown so much, too, and they were both amazingly well behaved. Kitty, you and Chris are such great parents. We learned a lot from watching you two. Here are some pictures that Chris took of our guests in our front yard. Thanks for visiting us on "Kear Mountain," and for being willing to share one shower!!! We'll hopefully have the guest bathroom completed soon.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thinset, Spacers, Tiles, Nippers, Wetsaw, Level, & Shims

We all know this blog is going to be Tara's thing, not mine. Occasionally when she is up in bed and I'm still roaming the house I'll post an update. We'll see how long it takes her to notice that I've made this post while she was sleeping.

This pic shows what I spent my evening doing...laying tile. It is coming along well. the faucets were a bit of a booger, but we cruised right through them. Tomorrow I'll try to tackle the rest of the wall including the cubbies. (If you look close at the top left of the picture you will see the aluminum foil that I taped to the window to keep it cooler while working in there during the August heat. Tara is begging me to apply the same window treatment to the rest of the house.)

UPDATE: 8:00 AM & Tara just discovered my post. She is a quick one.

The Halfway Point!

I am 20 weeks, as of today, and this marks the halfway point in the pregnancy. It is amazing how long you are pregnant before you really begin to show and people notice! I've finally gotten a baby bump in the past few weeks, and I began feeling little Crosby kicking at 16 weeks. It is the most amazing feeling in the world. Chris took this picture of the bump today. See, I now have proof!

Our good friends, Clint & Sara Recktenwald, stopped by this afternoon on their way through town, and it was so good to see them as always. They are such good friends, and I wish we lived closer. They brought Crosby the cutest little "Life is Good" pajama set that has peanuts on it. The pj's are perfect because we called our baby "Peanut" until we had the ultrasound last week and found out it was a boy. :) I cannot wait to see our little peanut wearing his peanut pajamas! Too cute.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Boys and Bathrooms

Chris and I had our 19 week ultrasound last Tuesday (8/11/09), and we found out that we're having a BOY! The ultrasound tech said within 2 seconds of beginning the ultrasound that it was 100% obviously a boy. Chris has been beaming ever since we left the clinic. Everything also checked out normal and healthy with little man, so we are so thankful. It was amazing to see all of the little body parts that God has been molding into our son.

We have decided to name him Crosby George Kear. Crosby is Chris' mother's maiden name, and George is Chris' middle name. We found out that Chris was the 5th generation George in his family, so that one was a given. The idea about the first name came last year while watching a Razorback football game. There was a wide receiver for Arkansas named Crosby Tuck, and we both loved the name and the idea of using Ms. Roslyn's maiden name as a first name. We had only thought of it as a good middle name before then.

We are also up to our ears in thinset right now as we (mainly Chris) tile the shower in the hallway bathroom. It has been a long, drawn out remodeling project, but I think we can both now see it being finished in the near future. Little Crosby helps with the motivation. :) Hopefully the next time any of you come for a visit, you will have a nice new bathroom to use. After we finish this bathroom, on to the nursery and our master bathroom. Can we get it all done by December?!!!