Monday, February 8, 2010

Move 'em on, head 'em up, Head 'em up, move 'em out

Movin, movin, movin, yep the Kears are movin.

Arkadelphia has been our home for over 3 and half years (this time around) and it has been a great place to call home. I happen to be one of those that believes what he reads on water towers. The theme of our life these days is transition.

  • Crosby is transitioning out of the womb.
  • We are transitioning to having a kiddo.
  • Tara is transitioning out of the workplace.
And most recently...
  • I'm transitioning jobs.
  • We are transition communities.
  • We are transitioning homes.
  • We are transitioning churches.
I've had the privilege to work at my beloved alma matter the last 3 and half years, but God has been working on my heart and steadily calling us to work in a church. We didn't know what that would look like until this fall when I ran into our former pastor from our church in Conway, Ken Wilson. Ken mentioned to me that Fellowship Bible Church Conway was looking for an Executive Pastor and after describing the gig asked if I was interested, and I told him that I was. Long story short it looks like a perfect fit. So after much prayer and discussion with the staff and elders we signed on to join the team at Fellowship Bible Church Conway. This is my last week as a Ouachita employee, and I will begin work up there next Monday, Feb. 15.

So, that also means that there is a beautiful hilltop home in Ouachita Hills for sale. You can check out all the pics and specs of the house at . If you know of anyone in the Arkadelphia area that is or might be looking for new home please pass the word that we have a great one available.

We will certainly miss our friends and our church here in Arkadelphia greatly but are also very excited to get back to Conway and Fellowship Bible Church. We'll keep you posted on the next few months of transition.