Friday, May 27, 2011

May 2011

Here are some pictures from the past month. Crosby is now 17 months old and so busy!

These first few pictures were from an amateur photo shoot we did of Crosby in his Daddy's sailor suit. Dozzie asked for a picture of Crosby in the sailor suit for Mother's Day, since she has a picture of Chris, his brother Josh, and Josh's 2 boys, Zion and Glenn all wearing this outfit at this age. Well, we didn't want Crosby to be Dozzie's first boy to miss out on this, so we rigged up a makeshift "studio" in our kitchen complete with a black sheet and Crosby strapped into his booster seat. We had to move our kitchen table over, and I only cracked my head on the light fixture that normally hangs over the table 6 times during this shoot. It was hilarious, and we pulled out all the tricks to capture the perfect smile. The first picture is the one we chose to frame for Dozzie, and the others are some of our other favorites. Ahoy! Enjoy!

The Framer

Silly boy!




Love those blue eyes!

Okay, I've had enough! Let me out!

Crosby's favorite kitchen gadget is our salad spinner...
we also got one for Lolly for Mother's Day.

I've finally given up control of Crosby's spoon. Crosby loves feeding himself his yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast, and the mess is not too bad. :)

Mother's Day 2011

I love you, sweet boy, and can't get enough of that good sugar!

Happy Mother's Day, Dozzie!

Chris and his Dad treated us moms to Mike's Place for lunch, and this is Chris trying to keep a busy Crosby occupied by reading to him as we wait for our check.

Crosby's first swim of the season...a great way to spend a hot Mother's Day afternoon.

Splash, splash, splash.

Crosby really enjoyed playing in buckets of water and his splash pad one morning while Daddy and I worked on our painting projects on the front of the house. He also had his own little paint brush for painting the sidewalk and steps with water. We took a "before" picture of the house, and I'll post it with an "after" picture as soon as we get some flowers planted.

Crosby and Daddy on the big inflatable slide at Fellowship on the River. Crosby did great until Chris' feet stuck to the slide at the bottom and they both face planted into the inflatable wall.

We've got to get a bean bag toss!

Our good friends from Arkadelphia, the Taylors, came up for Fellowship on the River. Amy is also a native to south Louisiana, and her dad was who Chris got the gulf shrimp from for the shrimp boil. It was so good to see these guys and let Crosby and Benjamin play. These pictures were taken in our back yard after the FOTR.


Meet our precious new nephew, Dawson Sage Loyd. He was born on May 15th. We were able to go down to meet him last weekend, and Chris took a few newborn pictures of the handsome little guy. Chris (Loyd) and Sage are doing great, and Danner is such a proud big brother.

Go Hogs!

After meeting Dawson, we stayed with Lolly & Pop, and
Crosby had so much fun playing in their back yard.

"Wawee" and "Bop"

Chris had his mountain bike with him (he rode Cane Creek St. Park's trails near Star City...who knew southeast AR had good mtn bike trails?), so he rigged this up to pull Crosby around the back yard. Crosby just thought it was ok at first, and then Chris picked up the speed, and Crosby LOVED going fast!

The other morning, Crosby brought this book in to me, so we plopped right down on the floor so we could cuddle while I read it to him. Chris snuck in and captured this sweet moment, and
I'm so glad he did.

I love reading to you, Crosby, and I love even more how much you love being read to.