Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why Abba Adoptions

Since our first meeting with Kandi Cox (the owner and founder of Abba Adoptions) we have been really impressed with Abba's amazing pro-life ministry. It is so much more than an adoption agency, it is a pro-life ministry. We believe that in working with Abba for our adoption we are doing more than paying for the expense of an adoption, we are investing in and funding a pro-life ministry so that they will be there when the next girl walks in their doors scared and alone.

You cannot be pro-life and not be pro-adoption.

Here is a video of Kandi speaking on the sidewalk of the only abortion clinic in Arkansas (which happens to be located in West Little Rock right behind the Butcher Shop restaurant, ironically enough). Listen to Kandi's story and check out more about Abba Adoptions at http://www.abbaadoptionar.com.

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