Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adopt an Envelope - Kear Adoption Fundraiser

Only 38 days until Hannah Ruth arrives! And that is assuming she doesn't embrace the Kear baby nature to show up a little early. Y'all have been amazingly supportive. We need your help in the last few weeks to finish up our fundraising and be ready to bring Hannah Ruth home. The total cost of this adoption is around $37,000. If you haven't read the story of our adoption and what God has been doing check it out here:

We have numbered 180 virtual envelopes. Our hope is that all 180 envelopes will be "adopted" by you, a friend, group, church or business. Once you have selected an envelope you are committing to donate the corresponding dollar amount. Envelope #1=$1, #2=$2 and so on. The highest number is 180 so the most anyone would commit to is $180. If you just feel crazy generous and want to give more than $180, you are more than welcome to take multiple envelopes.

If the amount you want to donate is already taken, then use multiple envelopes to equal the amount. (i.e. If you would like to donate $140 and #140 is gone, then you could do #80 and #60.)  If all envelopes are adopted we will raise $16,290 to finish out our adoption expenses!
  • Step 1: Pick your number(s) 
  • Step 2: Go to and make a corresponding donation which will be tax deductible, or you can just give directly to the Kear family and we'll put it in the jar. 
  • Step 3: Comment on our blog or Facebook event to let us know which envelope(s) you or your group adopted so that we can mark them off of our chart and keep track of our progress.
We're almost there! Thanks of helping us spread the word and finish strong!!!

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